A natural revolution in the way we live is waiting for us today.

Though we live in a time of unprecedented change, few appreciate this opportunity — for modern life that is naturally richer, healthier, and more vital.


In all but the longest timeframes, we are apt to envision daily life continuing much as it is today, even as this almost certainly will not, and already need not, be the case.

ArchaNatura is a design and development resource dedicated to exploring innovative and naturally healthier ways of designing, creating, building, and living. We advocate useful ideas, designs, projects, and technologies that can improve how, where, and why we live today.

ArchaNatura – which translates loosely as the nature of building – is a companion to the HumanaNatura natural health system. ArchaNatura provides both conceptual ideas and practical information to help designers, developers, builders, engineers, researchers, and others advance modern human vitality and quality of life through superior design, fabrication, and infrastructure practices.

To better understand ArchaNatura, and our waiting opportunity for transformed life through more attentive and health-conscious modern design and development, highlighted below is ArchaNatura’s four-part natural design system. These four creative principles are each important and actionable goals in themselves. But together, they form a powerful model for assessing the health and natural vitality of designs, buildings, communities, products, technologies, and material endeavors of all kinds.

ArchaNatura’s Four-Part Natural Design System

  1. Functional – useful for meeting or reducing life’s material demands today
  2. Affordable – economically accessible by all people and supporting life generally
  3. Sustainable – ecologically renewable, and recyclable or adaptable in the future
  4. Inspiring – compelling or uplifting to us emotionally and aesthetically

ArchaNatura’s four-part natural design system highlights and outlines our revolutionary new potential for healthier, more intelligent, more adaptive, and thus more natural design and creation amid modern life.

In practice, this modern natural design focus can help us to look more attentively, and critically, at the ways we circularly think about and shape our modern lives and surroundings. This includes examining, and ultimately improving, the products and services we create and use, the designs and innovations we pursue, the buildings and communities in which we live, and the overall human condition and material infrastructure we create through design and development.

We invite you to explore and follow ArchaNatura, to ask questions and offer suggestions, to submit ideas and proposals for publication, and to help us in our quest to promote healthier, renaturalized, and more consciously-created modern life.

Tell others about ArchaNatura…encourage modern natural design!

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