In addition to featuring innovative designs, practices, and technologies, ArchaNatura spotlights local communities around the world – showing how creative community development can greatly increased living standards and quality of life today.

Exploration of health-minded and progressive communities – and their specific goals, plans, and strategies – is an essential part of ArchaNatura, and provides crucial context for all modern design, development, construction, and technology efforts.

After all, consider that every instance of modern design, building, fabrication, and technological development ultimately creates, takes place in, and either improves or fails to improve one or more communities, somewhere in the world.

At the same time, all creative efforts circularly and often powerfully reflect a particular community or set of communities, and their dominant life patterns, perceptions, values, norms, and goals. In theory and practice, people never design and create in isolation, or without a community context and natural community influences.

Given this, ArchaNatura prioritizes identifying and examining the world’s healthiest and most compelling communities, and the strategies and practices they used to develop and progress. When selecting and reviewing communities, ArchaNatura uses several community evaluation standards, ones aligned overall with our four-part natural design system. These community evaluation standards, adapted from work by the New Economics Foundation, center on three primary sets of qualities:

ArchaNatura’s Community Review Criteria

> Objective Performance – essential performance against key community quality metrics, including happiness & well-being measures, average longevity and health, and average carbon-based energy use per person

> Governance & Process – identifiable and active processes for governing the community, including express strategic goals and operating procedures, thereby highlighting driving characteristics of communities that actively shape their environment and quality of life outcomes

> Repeatability & Progressivity – ability of a community’s performance and processes to be repeated, whether elsewhere as best practices or within the community as an ongoing model for progressive or adaptive action, and thus downplaying random outcomes and fortuitous circumstances

We encourage you to submit specific communities for review and coverage by ArchaNatura. Community submissions can be ones highlighting achieved results, or planned or current efforts at progressive community improvement. The community can be the one you live in now or another, and can showcase progressive efforts in any area of community life.

We also invite information on innovative community development strategies aimed at improving health and well-being, proposals for improved community design and planning practices, and other ideas aimed at creating or inspiring new progressivity in the way we think about, build, and dwell amidst modern community.


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