ArchaNatura showcases innovative building, product, industrial, and community designs to highlight and inspire progressive and health-minded work by architects, designers, developers, planners, builders, and property owners around the world.

Unlike other design resources, ArchaNatura considers projects and ideas relative to our goal of promoting greater modern well-being and quality of life through attentive and health-conscious design and development practices.

This focus includes projects that express our four natural design principles – functionality, affordability, sustainability, and inspiration. Importantly, our focus also extends to projects and design proposals we believe are less successful, misaligned with these criteria, and thus can serve as useful lessons in inattentive, poorly considered, and inadequately health-minded design.

In all cases, ArchaNatura seeks a fresh, thoughtful, progressive, and renaturalized look at modern design and development. We provide examples of design practices that: 1) reduce cost and waste, 2) challenge limiting orthodoxies, 3) satisfy essential needs more effectively and innovatively, 4) offer new personal and community flexibility, and 5) help to move us closer to naturally sustainable and progressively adaptive modes of modern creation and consumption.

Typically, we assess all designs according to our four natural design principles in overall terms. In the case of the building designs we highlight, however, we often go a step further and formally score proposed or completed buildings using our 10-point FASI scoring system.

We do this because buildings in particular are popular design cases, use enormous human and natural resources, influence other design goals and activities, and greatly determine modern quality of life, health, and sustainability.

ArchaNatura’s Building Design Scoring System

Functional (2.5 points)

  • No obvious ergonomic challenges (0.5)
  • Expected to meet building codes (0.5)
  • Meets needs essential client needs (0.5)
  • Innovative design solutions included (0.5)
  • Superfluous design features avoided (0.5)

Affordable (2.5 points)

  • Affordable by or serves clients with median income (1.5)
  • Affordable by or serves clients with 1/2 median income (1.0)

Sustainable (2.5 points)

  • LEED Platinum or equivalent (0.5)
  • Zero Net Energy (ZNE) or better (0.5)
  • 100 percent renewable energy use (0,5)
  • 100 percent recyclable materials (.05)
  • Scalable model for sustainable building (0.5)

Inspiring (2.5 points)

  • Evokes positive emotions (0.5)
  • Inviting spacial experience (0.5)
  • Enduring aesthetic elements (0.5)
  • Enhances larger setting (0.5)
  • Promotes interaction with nature (0.5)

We encourage building, product, and industrial design submissions for review by ArchaNatura and our readers.

Designs can be of prospective or completed works, and your own or those of others. Submitted designs can include ones that fulfill and highlight our four-part natural design system in action, or that notably fail to do so – in ways that are instructive and offer lessons for us all.


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