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Integral to our focus on transformative, health-advancing design, ArchaNatura showcases new creative and technological practices, ideas, and inventions – to help designers, developers, builders, and others promote new modern quality of life.

The innovative practice and technology ideas we highlight include new construction and fabrication methods, alternative technologies and materials, and innovative applications of mainstream technologies.

ArchaNatura’s focus on new practice and technology ideas is intended to highlight and promote our core proposal that modern people today have vast opportunities to make dramatic and even revolutionary new choices in the ways we prioritize, plan, develop, and furnish our lives and communities, and the global society they form in the aggregate.

More systematically, ArchaNatura’s coverage of innovative techniques and technologies is intended to illustrate and encourage progressive practice, a design and development paradigm at the heart of the ArchaNatura approach that emphasizes continuous, health-increasing learning and improvement. For us, the goal and process of progressive practice can and should guide all aspects of contemporary community design and planning, building and fabrication, and material and technology use and development.

In its essence, progressive practice is a pragmatic and open-ended method modeled on vibrant living systems throughout nature, and inspires all of ArchaNatura’s efforts and proposals. Whether in building and industrial design, construction and fabrication, or community development and societal planning, progressive practice first entails openness to the prospect and even inevitability of progression, and then active pursuit of significant and ongoing improvement in the way we work, design, and create.

With our crucial focus on progressive practices and technology use in mind, we encourage you to submit practice and technology ideas for review and publishing by ArchaNatura. Submitted ideas can be preliminary or ones already in use, and your own or those of others. We look forward to hearing from you.


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